What is Yggdrasil
Publishing all about?

Simply put, our Publishing Division is all about removing barriers to effectively scale business operations , accelerate speed to market, and leveraging our award winning and well proven infrastructure for you to focus on your core business, and take your business strategy to next level facilitated by our global distribution, and decentralized aggregation networks.

How do we
aim to achieve this?

We are achieving this by packaging up 3 different value propositions from our business that have contributed to our success, and which will enable you to safely and effectively commercialize your next level business strategy, and global collaboration opportunities.

What are our Value Propositions
& Who do they apply to?

YG Franchise

If you’re a Game Studio, Game Developer, Operator or Reseller wanting to take full control of your content creation and distribution strategy, through adoption of “best of breed” games development tools and interfaces, and distribution platform, then you need to consider an Yggdrasil Franchise. Yggdrasil Franchise will allow you to cost effectively set up, launch, and operate your own B2B iGaming operations.


YG Masters

If you’re Game Studio, Game Developer or Operator with in-house game build production who wants to accelerate your business growth by achieving distribution and promotion of your content across our global network of partners, while we do the compliance, regulatory and infrastructure heavy lifting? Then our YG Master’s program is for you.


YG Game IP

If you’re a land based, retail, social casino or online operator with game production capabilities who wants to get a head start in the creation of first-class content, then the possibilities are limitless, we’re making our entire catalogue of first class, high performing content available for you to leverage into omnichannel verticals or segments we’re not currently active in.

What is the innovative (Game Adaptation Tools & Interface) GATI technology that’s powering the Franchise & Masters propositions?

GATI is a preconfigured, regulation-ready development toolkit, enabling studios and game developers to use a standardised technology solution to develop and distribute games anywhere in the world. This means YG Masters partners can source, build and distribute content and crucially accelerate global reach, finding new ways to increase revenues, all using one standardised interface.

GATI is the enabler of the Yggdrasil Decentralised Aggregation Network (DAN). All Yggdrasil partners integrated to GATI will be able to cross-sell their games to any global Yggdrasil Franchisee. This is a unique model enabling them to rapidly scale distribution and boost revenue opportunities, at the same time as developing completely new ways of working and collaborating.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about Yggdrasil Publishing including the groundbreaking disruptive technology GATI head over to: