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The sequel to one of the most loved Yggdrasil Gaming video slots is coming soon, and as Marcin Gorka would say, the “sheer anticipation is energizing.”

The launch day for Valley of the Gods 2 is around the corner. What are your expectations for this exciting sequel?

We’re over the moon to unveil this one! It’s a follow-up to a game that already has a sizeable player base. We’re inviting both the fans and the new players to venture deeper into the Valley, to find not only what they already know and like, but some surprises as well – namely, the thrilling potential that comes with the new reels shape and Goddess wild symbol combo. We hope that players will enjoy the game at least as much as we enjoyed making it!

What was the main idea behind the creation of this sequel? Who was the creative mind behind it?

The second instalment idea was with us for quite some time now; we love Valley of the Gods, and the sequel was a natural step. Lives and Multipliers made Valley what it is, and we wanted seasoned players to feel right at home. The new machine shape and Wild reel feature create huge potential; each next reel stopping can make a giant difference for the player, and the sheer anticipation is energizing.

Our New Games Team and Mathematicians are an endless source of excellent ideas, including this one – lots of great teamwork and iterations came together to form and test the final concept.

When it comes to slots of this stature, what can you tell us about the production process? How long did it take to polish all the details?

It sincerely depends where we’d like to start counting. Since we started putting the idea to life full steam ahead, it was over half a year to develop the project, but the idea itself was in the works for much longer. The crucial part of the experience – the mechanics – were polished by our Mathematicians tirelessly throughout the project to balance just right, and that was an epic undertaking.

Speaking of which, could you talk us through the slot creation process? How long does it usually take to go through all the production stages?

Time-wise, it always depends on the project. Of course, the deciding factor is the overall complexity, but the creative process is volatile – sometimes things just click, other times there are lots of tries until we get things just right. It can take from a few months to nearly a year to go through production.

We start with a concept, which we battle test as much as possible. Sometimes the mechanic is strongly tied to a specific theme and won’t work without it; other times sky is the limit, and we can dress it up later almost any way we like.

In pre-production, we decide about all the little details that make the game both beautiful and fun – all the ways it will engage the players and let them know intuitively what’s happening throughout the game, regardless of the pacing.

Then comes development, interwoven with polishing the details that won’t be visible even in the best of blueprints – and lots, lots, lots of testing to get the top-notch quality Yggdrasil strives for.

We love the colour combos in Valley of the Gods 2 slot. The overall graphics appear brighter and more powerful than ever. What can you tell us about the visual aspect of the game?

Simply put: the game is exciting, and we wanted that to be visible from first glance. Egyptian theme offers a beautiful range of colors, and I think our Art Team went all-in on it, expanding on the mood set by the first installment.

The take on the theme is exciting – it starts with classic Egyptian visuals we know so well, which in itself has a hint of mystery to it, strengthened by the mystical elements of the Gods that oversee the Valley. The addition of the Goddess, who will appear to the resolute explorers, completes the image.

We’ve also emphasized the lights and FX – similarly to some of our other recent games – like Multifly! – creating effects I love, reminding me of classic slot and pinball machines (I’m a massive fan of the classic gaming experience).

The game boasts the famous Extra Lives and Win Multipliers that we enjoyed in the first Valley of the Gods release. Can you tell us a little bit more about the novelties that you incorporated into the new release?

Lives and Multipliers are the heartbeat of Valley, and are here to stay. The novel elements don’t try to change that, but rather work with them to expand on the experience.

The new machine shape adds a bit of intensity to the game – seeing that it’s an all ways paying game; thanks to reels becoming consecutively higher, long symbol combinations have even bigger potential to create immense payouts. And the wild reel is one of the best things that can happen to a lucky player – starting a winning combination or completing lots of ways to win further down the reels.

The Wild reel also features the Goddess in person, a figure that might hint on future mysteries that await the Valley players.

Read the full interview with Marcin Gorka here.

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