We will shortly be launching our new Career site. Stay tuned.

New Careers site soon

We will shortly be launching our new Career site. Stay tuned.


We turn ideas into products faster than anybody else in the industry.


We’re a team of super talented people from all over the world, all unique to one another, and all immensely passionate about our work.


Surround yourself with smart, ambitious people. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and express their opinions.


Imagination, creativity and wacky ideas aren’t just encouraged, but required.

The perks of working with us


Flexible work hours

Gym membership

Snack station

Private healthcare

English lessons

Choose your own equipment

Creative environment

New offices


Aleksandra Rak

Business Intelligence Analyst

My journey with Yggdrasil started a year and a half ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel lucky to be part of a company which is evolving so rapidly, where nothing is settled - it is truly an exciting place to be! I get to work with and learn from a team of brilliant and interesting people from many different places and with various cultural backgrounds. But the best thing is that I rarely feel bored or lack motivation, as my efforts and ideas are always appreciated, and the work I do actually makes an impact which I can feel. All this plus the fact that I get to live by the sea with a direct view of stunning Valetta from my balcony. I live a dream!

Marija Jotanović

Graphic Artist

Yggdrasil saw the potential in my portfolio and gave me the opportunity to experience creative freedom, meet great people and enjoy a freezer constantly full of ice-cream in the office. This is how I have come to celebrate my 3rd year working here. So far, I have worked on fifteen projects. I would say that the spirit of the Yggdrasil art team can be summed up as “prepare to be challenged and to challenge others”, which in my opinion is how self-development happens. I once said I wanted to live on the moon. Malta is as close as it gets to realising such a modest ambition… a rock in the middle of nowhere… and mela, I like it! I love drawing rocks! Since I mentioned ice cream… working for Yggdrasil is like having a huge tub of ice cream, keeping you busy yet happy and satisfied.

Ola Sundberg

3D Character Artist

What I like the most? The short game productions we have means we get a new game and a new theme or style every 2-3 months, it keeps things exciting! Oh and an espresso machine which is a beast! I’ve been working here since June 2017. The Stockholm office is really new so I don’t know if the office culture is all set yet. I make 3D characters that are used in our games, in animations, and sometimes also get them 3D printed on our in-house 3D printer. Proper bringing my creations to life! It’s really fun to work with characters together with concept artists, animators and comp artists. Everyone brings their own tool set and it’s a great learning experience.

Adam Stężała

FrontEnd Team Lead

I joined the company over 2 years ago when we were less than 15 people. Today Yggdrasil employs over 150. It was a pleasure to be a part of this successful growth, to see the engagement of so many passionate and talented people. It has been, and continues to be, a great adventure. We are producing exceptionally high quality games, and with every new production we continue to increase that quality at an extremely high tempo. Yggdrasil Gaming is a place to learn, to have fun and most importantly to create. All your ideas, even the craziest ones could easily become reality here.