Welcome to the house of legends. It’s time for the kind of blockbusting action that would make your mother ill! This is literally what the edge of your seat was made for.

For the next 11 days, you’re invited to a riotous royal rumble on the reels, where it’s 1,000x bigger than MEGA… it’s GigaMania!

This slots smackdown is a prize-packed title fight between some of Yggdrasil’s heaviest hitters where an earth shaking €80,000 real money is up for grabs.
So, who are this month’s jaw-breaking challengers?

In one corner, hailing from the hallowed halls of Valhalla, weighing in at a combined 2,800lb, it’s the scalawags from Scandinavia; the Norsemen from the Northlands, the fiercest of the Faroes… It’s Yggdrasil’s Vikings.

And they’re lining up against a foe that’s equally as colossal. They’ve battled in Japan, they’ve skirmished their way through hell, and even clashed with the jaws of gargantuan Gators. Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, it’s the GigaBlox™!

BUT WHAT’S THIS?! Talk about a tag team combo – joining Team GigaBlox™ this month will be a brand-new Promo Weeks participant. Featuring an astronomical 1,000x win multiplier, Wild Respins and synced reels containing up to 3×3 Gigablox™, will you be on the receiving end of a five-finger cash punch from the brand new, Suncatcher GigaBlox™?

We’re ringside, it’s live and you could cut the tension with a knife. Let’s get readyyyyyyy for a GIGA-ruummmmmbbbleee!

From 1st – 11th July, players are joining the grudge match with real money prizes ready to be won from some of favourite games. Players spinning into Gator Gold Gigablox™, Lucky Neko Gigablox™, Hades Gigablox™, Suncatcher Gigablox™, Vikings Go Berzerk , Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go To Hell could crack open some random prize drops over 11 days with a total of €80K cash up for grabs.


…but cash prizes, there certainly are! Don’t let the fighters have all the fun.

Time for your players to deliver a warning call to all challengers! Set up, spin and get ready to win in GigaMania!


1 JULY - 11 JULY 2021


01 JULY 2021 00:01 CEST - 11 JULY 2021 23:00 CEST
Gator Gold Gigablox™
Lucky Neko Gigablox™
Hades Gigablox™
Suncatcher Gigablox™
Vikings Go Berzerk
Vikings Go Wild
Vikings Go To Hell

Terms & Conditions

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